Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.

William Butler Yeats 

About Us

Communication by Design (CBD) provides public relations advice and services to clients across a wide range of sectors including technology, healthcare, retail, government, local government, utilities, construction, professional services and financial services. CBD is Auckland-based and is affiliated to the Brodeur international network of PR consultancies.

We aim to make our clients successful by helping them to harness the support of their stakeholders through clear communication. Communication may be face to face, or through any form of print, broadcast or electronic media. Stakeholders may be customers, employees, shareholders, resellers, suppliers, members, partners, citizens, funders, legislators and recommenders or even competitors or opponents.

We work hard to understand our clients' needs. We believe in setting realistic expectations and then working closely with clients to meet these cost-effectively. We would like our people to be seen by clients as part of their teams and we place a high value on long-term relationships that, we believe, produce the best possible results.

As conflict of interest may prevent us from acting for competing clients, we seek from clients a commitment to Communication by Design to match our commitment to them. For on-going clients we have a consultancy-client agreement that sets out client and consultancy responsibilities and anticipated monthly budgets.

Established in October 1993, Communication by Design Limited is a privately owned limited liability company.